Wax Foundation Sheet – Winter Special

Wax Foundation Sheets

JW’s BEEKEEPING HONEY & EQUIPMENT WINTER SPECIAL Wax Foundation Sheets – we supply wax sheets for brood frames of the Langstroth beehive which are moulded with 4.9mm cell shapes Wax sheets available in: 25 sheets p/pack or 100 sheets p/box   Wax Foundation Sheets PRICE 25 x Brood size sheets   …

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9 Frame Honey Extractor – Winter Promotion

9 FRAME HONEY EXTRACTOR – WINTER PROMOTION ** Pre-Order new stock coming in June now!** Ideal for the hobby and small scale beekeeper.The unit takes 9 frames of super frame size and 3 brood frame sizes. Prices range from R 6750.00 – R 11 950.00 * Price excluded delivery or courier cost …

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